Armstrong starting the Run for 2014

armstrongsAs 2014 barely enters into the new year, some are preparing for the year-end of elections in 2014. Derek Armstrong has announced that he’ll be running in this upcoming election cycle in Nevada’s District AD21. His focus for Nevada is on the basic requirements of the state: “Educate early, and educate throughout”, “Raise revenues, not taxes” and “This is your life.”

Armstrong realizes the power of education and how the consistent growth of Nevada could be affected without education. He is also focusing on funding education from the early stage.

The son of a nurse and retired car mechanic, Derek Armstrong comes from a middle-class family in Las Vegas, whose main focus of his childhood was his on education. Derek earned a degree in Economics in 2007 and a degree in law in 2010.

The Nevada Republican feels serving the country and joining the army was the best decision of his life. After completing his education, Derek joined Marine Corps of The United States in 2000. Sgt. Armstrong completed his enlistment in 2005. It was a profound time that changed Derek’s philosophy of life.

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