MaryJ App Hits Colorado Market

best-budsJust when you thought you had heard of everything… think again. Novel Innovation LLC has released their first mobile application, Best Buds, for the recreational and medicinal marijuana market in Colorado.

Best Buds say they combine the marijuana legalization green rush with the ever-growing mobile application industry into one product available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Best Buds’ has a rewards program that allows customers to redeem rewards at their favorite dispensaries by scanning a unique code with their smart phones at checkout. All deals and rewards offered on the Best Buds app are created and managed independently by each individual dispensary.

For those coming in from out of state, Best Buds also contains a powerful search tool that allows marijuana enthusiasts to locate dispensaries carrying their favorite strains and to find the best deals in their area.

The company says that early reception has been overwhelmingly positive. According to Co-Founder Ronnie Wagman, “Over 20 dispensaries and 2,000+ users are already using the service in the Denver area.” Even more impressive is that according to Wagman, “nearly all early adoption has come through word-of-mouth exposure.” After receiving an undisclosed investment at the end of 2013, Novel Innovation will be expanding their marketing efforts significantly beginning in February 2014. This includes a focus on the rapidly developing marijuana tourism market.

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